this is just a simple blog. but it is extraordinary!


hey , so i forgot to tell u something really important! and i felt guilty cuz of it.
im going to the usa!
So i know ur probably thinking, 'whats the big deal?'
well it is a big deal! A huge one instead!
Cuz going to the usa is like my ultimate goal!
and i hope that i will meet THE christina aguilera and justin bieber, altough justin lives in canada. But who knows?!!

So , im studying (again) for tomorrow's exam. And its history. 2 chapters.
Teachers are like mini demons. Theyre goal is to make students misserable and desperate. Why dont teachers give us like a free time in a week? Just once? I know, its impossible.. But possibly the impossible is possibly posible. right?

.my iphone posted this :)


the title says it all.
studying biology and music.
music isnt important
stupid music.
well i love music but not the history of music!
i love pop music. christina aguilera!
did u know she wore a skeleton outfit for halloween?
Ok. Im off the point.

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heygirlhey :)
sorry that i never update this blog.
been busy cuz of some lame old school works.
so, im posting this using an app called blogpress.
yea xx
and ok
i gotta go. (gonna go to my course). thatha

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.hacked much?

my facebook account is hacked
what should i do?
any suggestions?

.i wanna.

. i wanna meet christina aguilera.
. i wanna go to the USA.
. i wanna have my own macbook.
. i wanna have 10000000$.
. i wanna buy those cute tops on pacsun.

. i wanna be an angel.
. i wanna.............. go to the beach.

"welcome princess!"

i didnt go to the karaoke bar yesterday
and i feel like saying bad words today.

yesterday i went to a mall
and i went to etude house
its a makeup and beauty store, -drugstore-

and it was comfortable shopping there!
i bought some nail polish.
and when i came in to the store
all the staffs there shouted "welcome princess"
they did that to all the customers who came in the shop
and when we are leaving the also shouted "goodbye princess"
it was hillarious.

p.s: new vids coming on and

.karaoke your heart out.

today im going to the karaoke bar!
can't wait.
lemme tell you later on after i finished singing.
ily singing..

do you like karaoke?
what song did you usually sing in the karaoke bar?
i wanna know!

i definitely gonna sing christina aguilera's song
my mom wanna use the laptop
tha tha!